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In mid 1995 I tried to find tires to fit my 1966 250 Ducati Mark 3. I have the original fenders, which are quite narrow, and along with the narrow rims made finding good rim protectors a real pain. I chronicled my efforts below.

Avon (800 624 7470) suggests: front: Roadrunner Universal 80/90H18 (front compound) rear: Roadrunner Universal 80/90H18 (rear compound) (both mounted on WM2 rims) H rated for speed up to 130 mph (I can always dream...) inflated dimensions 23.9" diameter and 3.2" wide Avon also suggests a 90/90 x 18 for the rear if WM-3. These tires come in a softer F and a harder R compound, both for racing. They recommend the F for the front and the R for the rear. ** This is what I bought** Note that they look like they will just fit under the stock fenders... but I can't guarantee it. (My bike is still in the restoration process and I haven't assembled and ridden the bike with these tires.)

Metzler/Pirelli (800 722 3336) suggests: front and rear: ME77 3.00S18 (both mounted on WM2 rims) inflated dimensions 24.6" diameter and 3.23" wide in a WM2 rim 24.6" diameter and 2.95" wide in a WM1 rim

Mick Walker's "Ducati Singles Restoration" mentions a Pirelli MT15 Mandrake tire in the S compound (supersport), but the representative from Metzler/Pirelli had never heard of it in the USA.

Dunlop (800 879 8200) was useless.

Continental (201 471 8890) didn't make anything small enough.

Bridgestone (615 391 0088) didn't make anything small enough.

Michelin (803 458 5000) didn't make anything small enough recommended Dunlop!

Yokohama I have not been able to contact Yokohama directly.

Cris Matthews <CRIM461@ecy.wa.gov> wrote me with the following info: My bike has non-stock - but appropriate - WM-1 Borrani rims. Yokohama makes a 2.50X18 and a 2.75X18 that fit perfectly and work superbly. (Call Vince's Motorcycle Store - Olympia, WA - (360) 754-4900) They have a round profile. I don't like the "modern" look to them and I wish I could find some European equivalent, but for now they're performing beautifully. If you plan to do much actual riding, I'd look into these.

Cheng Shin Sales Manager Glenn Miller (614 866 0359) says Cheng Shin still and will continue to make these tires (size 2.50 x 18 and 2.75 x 18) as they are still used in some areas of the world. Glenn said they make about 1 batch a year. He said I could probably get someone to special order them and hinted that I try Rudy or Jerry at Performance Tire in Pennsylvania at 215 257 4680 and reference Glenn's name. Particularly, Glenn recommended the C223 2.50x18 front and the C117 2.75x18 rear, but said to ask what they have when I call the distributer.

I also saw the following Cheng Shin's available in a Chaparral advertisement (800 841 2960). I was quite surprise the Sales Manager hadn't mentioned them... Front: Hi-Max C906 80/100H18 Rear: Hi-Max C907 90/90-18

IRC My local honda dealer claimed he could get the IRC OEM tire for the Honda MB-5 and that that tire was a 2.50x 18.

Michael Michael Moore Euro Spares, SF CA http://www.eurospares.com AFM/AHRMA #36 wrote:

I've got a batch of modern 2.75x18 IRC tires I imported from Japan. They have different semi-slick style tread patterns front and rear, and are touted as being a more sporting compound than a standard tyre. They will fit very nicely on your rims and help to keep you from falling down quite so much (should you be having that problem now with your old tyres). $130/pair includes a new pair of tubes as well.

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