Carl's Ducati Singles Parts, Service and Technical Sources

The Big Six - For me, these places were critical for my restoration

Domiracer Great source of many miscellaneous bits. They have Dell'Orto carburetor parts, pistons and rings, a lot of good stuff. Great Catalog for about $12US. Every 6 months or so, there's a big special and you can find some great bits inexpensively.

Road & Race 2/2 Bon Mace Close Berkeley Vale 2261 Australia Ask for Phil Hitchcock Road & Race have a wide selection of Ducati singles/twins parts that are becoming hard to find. He also makes some pieces that are just fabulous, my seat and stainless exhaust sytem came from here. 

bevelheads mailing list - the premier community of ducati bevel fans on the internet.

Herdan Corporation 43 Penn Street, Port Clinton, PA 19549, USA, Voice: 610.562.3155, 24 hour fax: 610.562.0062 This is the best source I have found for Dellorto Carburator parts in the US. Very friendly and fast! I think they are the sole US distributer for Dellorto parts.

Syd's Cycles 6600 Haines Road St. Petersburg, Florida 33702 813 522-3333 Talk to Malcolm, Sid's son. One of the best sources of knowledge and parts on singles in the world. Been at it for 34 years now. Many good specialty parts and a catalog is available. They do complete engine rebuilding, race prep, have a lot of parts, tons of experience, etc.

Buchanan's 29 E. Garvey Ave. Monterey Park CA 91755 818 280 4003 Does an excellent, but expensive, job rebuilding wheels. Mine look great.

Other Contacts - Many of these are quite old references and might not be available anymore....

Witty Ducati Specialist Tuning, Spares, Repairs Concessionaire Trained 107, Manor Road Caddington Nr Luton, Beds LU14EF Telephone 01582 419769 (I dial 011 44 1582 419769 from the US) John R. Wittmann is the guy you want to talk to. This guy is an excellent source for some rare ducati parts... I bought a smooth top triple clamp from him, and he has alot of other cool parts. In fact he sent me a note saying he has another smooth triple clamp: these are pretty rare, at least here in the US. He also has some "clock holders", "tachos", all cables, some speedo drives, wheel hubs, etc. I had a friend who was visiting the UK pick up my parts for me, and the friend sid this guy is very cool, and had some beautiful bikes there. He also said the guy had raced with Surtees...

Todd Millar Design and Fabrication Laguna Beach, CA Todd builds the finest motorcycle restorations I've ever seen. Don't bother him with small stuff though, he's in the full fledged, absolutely perfect, handcrafted motorcycle restoration business. Todd doesn't hesitate to hammer out a new aluminum gas tank from sheet metal... really! Give him an old bike, a blank check, and a year, and you will get a fabulous restoration. Just don't forget the blank check part.

Rick Baddon Paint & Design 5482 Business Drive, Unit D Huntington Beach CA 92649 714 373 5295 Takes 2-3x as long as estimate, but does superb work. See my review in the paint section.

Tom Rightmyer Welding 751 S. State College, #38 Fullerton CA 92631 714 879 1158 Beautiful Welding! Just make sure to bring a cold six pack of Coors beer, in cans, on every visit. And the Coors must be fresh: check the date code on the bottom of the can! Sounds strange, but make the offering, it really helps!

Mick & Rick Walker 10 Barton Rd. Wisbech, Cambridge PE13ILB UK Phone 01945 61914 I believe that Rick and Mick Walker are supplying parts again. If nothing else they are the UK experts on older Ducatis. You might want to ring them up: Rick Walker phone #01553-829-141 (In the US dial #011 44 55 3829141) Mick Walker phone #01945-61-914

Cycle Specialties-John Hoffmann 706 543-0235 (generally good on most italian stuff)

Italian Vintage Co Brian Fox UK Phone: 01673 842825

Wheel Works CA 510 785-4396 Chris This shop will build you a whole, ready to race, Duc single for a reasonable price (around $4000US). Nice guy, shop full of old engines ad bits. Offer very reasonablely priced wheel rebuilding.

Ducati Singles Restorations Henry Hogben General Delivery La Salette, Ontario Canada N0E 1H0 (519) 582-2153 Lasalette is tiny but does show up on Ontario published road maps. He's easy to find as Lasalette only has one main road. He's about 2 or 2.5 hours from the U.S. border at Niagara Falls. Pretty uncoorperative, currently only doing his own bikes.

Britalia Motors 2541 S Rodeo Gulch Dr., #5 Soquel CA 95073 408 476-3663 476-0122 FAX John McCoy is the owner. He has many parts and bits for older British and Italian bikes, can often find interesting and unusual bikes, engines, etc. (always surprises me on what he has)

Specialty Tool Development 12980 Brookpark Road Oakland CA 94619 510 531-2421 I met this guy at a swap meet. He'll custom make any necessary special tools to order at reasonable prices. Valuable resource.

Harold Parks Harold's been racing/wrenching/modifying Ducati singles since the mid-sixties and has a small restoration business. He was an excellent source of information and work. Harold is also a machinist and welder; he's done most anything to a Single that can be done. Can do engine rebuilding, race prep, etc. But I've lost track of Harold and don't know where he can be found (Rumor says perhaps in Minden, Nevada).

BTF Motor Company-Dale Parks ran the best Ducati shop in Northern California, but is now retired.

Ducati International Owners Club-Joel Eliel Gonzalez PO Box 650857 Miami FLA 33265-0857 305 255-5007 378-0780 This club has not been particularly active of late, but it's been around since 1976 and (when it's published) the newsletter often has a lot of bikes and bits for sale.

Race Italia P.O. Box 173, Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 3NT England 0625 434637 Many specialty bits for Singles, mostly road racers but others as well.

Staccato Classic Racing Components 57 Primrose Corner, Woodbastwick NORWICH NR136JL England 0603-721493 0603-713553 FAX Many specialty bits for Singles, mostly road racers but others as well.

Denny Berg Time Machine (a restoration shop) Huntington Beach, CA

Mike Green West Coast British Racing Livermore, CA

Bob's Krazy Brush Torrance CA

Cadilac Plating

Orange County Polish and Chrome

Barry Carter Box 145 Nelson, British Columbia V1L 5Pl Phone: 1-604-359-7975 Fax: 1-604-352-7711

Dr Desmo 1-847-475-2248

Britalia Motors 2541 Rodeo Gulch Rd. #5 Soquel, California 95073 Phone: 1-408-476-3663

Vintage Rebuilds (Kenny Dreer) 15120 s. Rosenbaum Oregon City, Oregon 97045 Phone: 1-503-631-8229

Simpson Mechanique Route de Saint Georges 34990 Juvignac France Tel: 67030700 Fax: 67030945 They do all sorts of fun stuff, including Cro-mo frames and swingarms, racing pipes etc.

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