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These pages exist to document my 1966 Mach 1 and its restoration. And hopefully the pages wiill help others with similar projects.

The Mach 1 / Mark 3 has a long and glorious racing history. Mine needed a lot of work, but all the critical parts were there. And even on the unrestored and corroded engine, you could see the beauty of the original sidecover castings and it's smooth and elegant shape. Restoring a bike like this can be a long hard and expensive task. But for those of us who love these bikes, it can be a rewarding endeavor.

Pictures of my freshly restored 1966 Ducati Mach 1!

The Restoration and Recreation of My 1966 Ducati Mach 1

Setting the Ignition Timing (advance) on a Ducati Single

Dellorto PHF Needle and Main Jet Calculator

Carl's Ducati Mach 1 Settings (setup information)


A Good Tool Kit (make your own, 429K jpg download)

Ducati Singles Books

Book Sources

Parts, Service and Technical Sources






bevelheads mailing list - the premier community of ducati bevel fans on the internet.


Godfrey DiGiorgi provided much information and help. Many Thanks!

My thanks also to:

Matthew from Arc Design, Niclas Cederlund, Ben Zaborowsky, Nick Voge, Zebee Johnstone

If you have contributed to this FAQ but I have forgotten you in the credits, please don't take offense. Just send me an email with your name and I'll add you !

MotoGiro 2003

I went, I saw, I rode; and it was great!

I've posted picures from the trip on the pages indicated below. Note that I have just posted all of them, even the poor shots, as someone may find something interesting in the pictures (like themselves!), regardless of the quality.

Touring the Ducati Museum the day before the Motogiro

My photos from the 2003 Motogiro!

Touring the Ferrari museum, a vinegar factory and downtown Bologna the day after the Motogiro

I have much higher resolutions shots of these, good enough for fine 8x10 inch prints. If you would like a hi-res copy without the watermark, just drop me a note including the file names of the pictures you want. Note each picture is about 400KB so make sure you can handle receiving the file as an email attachment before you request that I send it. The panorama shots are closer to 1.5MB each, so they will require an even larger mailbox.

Many thanks to all the new friends I met on the trip, many of whom are in some of the photos above. I won't try and list you all, but special thanks goes to Vicki Smith, who organized our trip!

Oh, I did do other things besides the motorhead events in Italy, I spent about 7 days touring Roma as well... but thats another story!

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