Carl's Ducati Mach1 Settings

Engine Build Spec

Malcolm (from Sid’s in Florida) Rebuilt 250 Ducati Single Engine, Race Tuned, 9.3 to 9.5 compression ratio, "cut around the valve guide" porting and Mach 1 Cam.

Detailed Settings

Spark Plug: NGK B7HS Gap: 0.635mm

Exhaust: Megaphone style with baffle from Road & Race (Phil Hitchcock) in Australia

Carburetor: Dell Orto PHF 32 BD

Slide: 60/4

Needle: K6 middle notch

Main Jet: 120

Idle Jet: 55

Atomizer (needle jet): 260 AB

Float Level: 18 mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Mixture Screw: open 2 turns

Throttle (Slide) Stop Screw: open approximately 4 turns

Points Gap: 0.356mm

Static Advance: 14 degrees

Static Advance with automatic advance mechanism fully advanced: 34 - 35 degrees

Tire Pressure: Front Tire: Pirelli MT65 2.75-18 43S made in Brasil @ 30 PSI;    Rear Tire: Pirelli MT65 3.00-18 52P made in Brasil @ 32 PSI

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