RUMINATIONS: Carl's Moto Rumi Pages

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These pages exist to hold my notes on the motorcycles manufactured by Rumi. And hopefully the pages will help others interested in them.

How I fell in love.

Pictures of my 1955 Rumi Bicarburatore 125

Le Espansioni - Information on building Rumi expansion chambers and pictures of some I have seen. 

Rumi Maintence Manual  - A copy of a very rare Rumi manual that explains how to use the factory tools and incidentally shows how to do some basic maintenace procedures. The manual is 40 pages long and each page is an individual jpg picture for easy viewing. This is a 11 MB zip file, so expect it to take a while to download. Right click on the link and choose "Save Target As..."

Coming soon! - when I find time to scan it: A copy of a very rare Rumi Owner's Guide.

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