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December 1996: Paint Finally!!!

I just received the body-work back for my '66 Mach 1 project bike. Some of you may remember that it started life as a Mark 3, but I've installed the Mach 1 decals to match the battery and smooth to triple clamp. (OK, I admit it, I like the cool zoomy mach 1 name ;-)

I had been getting nervous, as the painter has had the parts a LONG time. I'll have to dig up my notes, but it has been more than 6 months...

After all this time I was getting ready to negotiate the price down, and then Rick showed up in his delivery truck and popped the lid... Mama Mia! These are my parts!? These are just INCREDIBLE! At this point I was ready to give Rick anything, and I lost any desire to complain about how long it took.

I've been sitting in the garage staring at the parts, lusting... They are just fabulous. Anyone who wants a fabulous paint job on a classic bike should feel free to call this guy. The paint is some kind of "2-part acrylic urethane"... I violated originality, as I didn't like the original orange-red paint, and have gone back to a scheme similar to that used on the earlier 200 elite. A candy apple red for the tank, toolboxes, fenders, chainguard, and licence plate holder. The swoosh on the tank I had done in a nice metalic gold. And the rest of the frame and bits in the same gold, but less reflective. Apparently the faboulous candy apple red comes from using a red laquer over a metalic gold base. Formally this is "Romanesque Crimson Candy over Bright Gold". I can't even begin to describe how wonderfully this reflects in the sunlight... its even spectular in the more muted light of my garage at night. The swoosh is a "Medium Metallic Gold (Arlon #4?)" And I used a black pinstripe around the swoosh and on the toolboxes.

I'm going back to the garage with my beer for some more worship...

The master painter may be reached at: Rick Baddon Paint & Design Huntington Beach

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