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This is liebold.com, not leibold.com. My name is pronounced "lee-bold", as in the german language the "ee" sound is spelled "ie". If you are looking for a name pronounced "l-eye-bold" you are at the wrong place, as in the german language this is spelled "leibold". In fact, a nice creative company in Wisconsin uses this pronunciation and spelling and may be reached at www.leibold.com.

Vintage Veloce

Consider visiting the home page for my vintage Italian motorcycle racing and restoration work: Vintage Veloce.


Hello! I'm Carl, and this is my WWW home page. I do this page just for fun, and to show the rest of net some of my interests. Here's a better picture of me (41K) taken in the early nineties during a visit to the Sammy Miller Museum in England.

Moto Rumi


Recently I fell in love with another small Italian motorcycle; the Moto Rumi. I've just started this section of my website. It's called the Ruminations page.

Ducati Singles


Ducati's first engine had one cylinder, and was the first "Ducati Single". And after that many engines and motorcycles followed. But many would argue that the first major production sporting success for Ducati was the Mach 1 / Mark 3 design. I bought one in 1995 and spent the next 7 years restoring it. Read about the restoration and find tips on dealing with these great motorcycles here at my Ducati Singles page.


My friends know I'm a definite DUCATI motorcycle fan. Although I have to admit that "just riding" is most important to me, the machine still makes a big difference. My friend Ahmet taught me about the way of Italian cars, and in turn I introduced him to the sport of motorcycling. It wasn't too long until I was riding an Italian bike, and Ahmet got one shortly afterwards. Ahmet rides a 1990 Ducati 750 Sport and here's a picture of the two of us (32K) after a great ride up Mt Hamilton, California.

Ducati motorcycles have a glorious racing heritage as well as a interesting evolutionary history. Read a short timeline covering Ducati's past here: Ducati History

Here's a picture of my dearest material possession: The 1992 Ducati 750 SS! It has been a great ride. In fact, the title picture for this page is a shot of the same bike on a tour through the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. A closer look at this bike is included in my page of Carl's past and present motorcycles.

Recently I put a Fast by Ferracci hop-up kit on my Ducati Monster 900S. Here is the story, including dyno charts: Monster Pipes.


Degli and Conan

I guess I'm a little obsessed with this Ducati thing. I got two kittens in June 94. My roomate and I immediately named one Conan. The other I named Degli (27K). Now, if you can name the famous figure Degli is named after, you can congratulate yourself on your knowledge of Ducati history! The answer is hidden somewhere in these pages...

Cool Links

You can't really make a Web page and not put in a couple cool links. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Also check out euro-moto, home of the best mailing list for european motorcycles!

My small hometown, Red Hook, is famous and on the web!


Thanks for visiting Carl's Place on the Web

I had alot of fun making it. When you are riding (or driving), make sure you keep alert and drive smoothly. And if you see me in your rear view mirror, please let me by!


Looking for me? This is in a little bit of code so spammers don't pick up my email address, but you will be able to figure it out: carl at liebold dot com


Last updated: Friday, July 19, 2005