Carl's Past and Present Motorcycles...

My first bike: a 1976 Kawasaki KH250 two stroke triple (36K), being ridden by my dad, summer 1982.

My second bike: a 1977 Kawasaki KH400 two stroke triple (45K), photographed in 1982.

My third bike: a 1981 Suzuki GS450E (36K), photgraphed around 1984. Here's a shot of me making trouble on a Rt 128 cloverleaf! (36K), and a closeup of the troublemaker (36K) in action.

My fourth bike a 1984 RZ350 two stroke twin (45K), just before I converted it to a racer.

Here's my "fifth" bike, really a 1985 RZ 350 parts bike that I used to fix up the racer after I crashed and destroyed it. This version of the race bike (27K) had the 84's hot motor in the 85 frame andthe 85 bodywork. Here's a terrific racing (54K)shot of me on the RZ, and one running straight (68K) at Loudon.

My sixth bike a 1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane (36K) on Skyline Blvd around 1992.

My seventh bike is my current 1992 Ducati 750SS (77K).

And the eighth is the 1966 Ducati Mach 1 project (41K)!

And the ninth is the yet another Ducati, something I had to get before I became too old to really enjoy it. It is a bit uncomfortable, but it is fantastic on a nice curvy road! My 2000 Ducati 996S (44K)!

And the tenth is my latest addition, a grand tourer, designed for seeing the nation at a high rate of speed: The 2001 Yamaha FZ1 (77K)! This baby, as shown here, is outfitted with Givi luggage.

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